The Sound of Music: What Your Chosen Instrument Says About You

Choosing an instrument is a lifestyle decision, as you will generally be investing a substantial amount of time, effort and money to develop your skill as well as your talent. While some people might have trouble choosing the right instrument for them, more often than not most will be drawn to a particular musical instrument. While there are plenty of reasons why this is the case, it creates a type of pattern, where an individual’s personality can be hinted at through the instrument that they play.

Keep in mind that while this does have a certain degree of accuracy, it’s not a guarantee that your personality will be exactly as stated. It’s merely an intelligent guess based on the patterns of people who choose certain types of instruments. It’s the reason why certain musical instrument specialists tend to react a certain way and are predictable based on their musical instrument.

The drums

Those who enjoy playing the drums are often known to be passionate and full of energy. The reason why they’re drawn to the drums from the outset is it provides a fantastic outlet for all of the power that they keep stored up at every given moment. Fun-loving and adventurous, these individuals probably caused their professors no end of trouble as well!

The acoustic guitar

While it applies to the guitar, it also applies to people who have a tendency to choose acoustic instruments in general. The people who utilise the acoustic guitar tend to be sensitive and empathetic to the people around them. They might be the strong silent type or a social butterfly, but the one constant shared between all these individuals is that they tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. A sensitive spirit is often very conducive to writing songs and musical talent as a whole, which is a win-win.

The piano

The trend shared between individuals who were raised on the keyboard was that the choice was not made for them. More often than not it was made by their parents, and it instils a sense of responsibility. It’s the main reason why most pianists tend to be serious and responsible individuals. While there are exceptions, it’s understandable why those drawn to the piano are often hardworking.

The saxophone

Those who are drawn to this instrument can be described as classy and professional individuals. It’s all about looking and feeling cool – and there are few things cooler than playing the saxophone. They tend to be individuals of few words, but when they do speak the people listen. In a way, they’re the opposite of the drummer personality, but they tend to attract the same kind of crowd.

To conclude, there are plenty of different instruments out there, with each of them hinting at the personality of the individual playing them. It’s quite interesting how these instruments tend to show more of ourselves than we realise. Considering the fact that musicians play from the heart, perhaps it’s only natural that unique personalities are drawn to specific instruments.


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